The last few weekends we have been out and about with our friends and family, time for a much needed day off..


Paul has been busy making some healthy'ish breakfast granola - high energy for his bike into work


I've been pottering around an trying to get my head around what I need to take to the knitting and stitching show. Finding the answers to bonkers questions going round and round in my head like :-

how many carrier bags should I take with me?

how do I set up my stand?

how many balls of wool will I need?

I am also making up another hexagon bathmat for the stand, formatting and printing all our lovely knitting/crocheting patterns

The list is endless, but rest assured we will soon be sorted and ready to rock n roll.

Don't forget if you order tickets, use our discount code EX14 and make sure you come and say hello.


Written by Trudy Armstrong — September 28, 2014


Jennifer Drake:

sounds like a job for a project team to me! call the POS girls!!!

September 28 2014

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