Well that was quite an event !

Please don't ask me to sing though as I am totally rubbish.

I'm not quite sure where to start really, having never taken part in such huge event I didn't quite know what to expect, and boy had I underestimated how tiring it would be.  it couldn't be a more awkward place to get to, but once you are there the views from the top of the hill and the 'palace' itself are just breathtaking. It was also breathtaking to see the enormity of the event and the amount of stalls there. Having said that I think Little Woollie definitely stood out from the crowd.


I tried to create a little, little woollie and it really worked, people kept saying it was so nice to see something different, and how refreshing it was to have such a vibrant stand. 

Each day was different and each day I had different helpers, I now owe lots of favours and thanks to Tina, Cath, Jo, and the little sheep themselves, Niamh an Ailis who totally rocked modelling all out lovely knitwear and dressmaking garments.  It was really strange how on different days we sold different things, one day no one wanted a shell throw kit, the next day we sold out, same with our lovely fair trade baskets. However, everyone loved our knitwear patterns (thanks Sandra) and our first collection of dressmaking patterns (thanks Jo).

The dressmaking patterns were a complete hit, and how fantastic it was to see how much people loved the designs, they were simply flying off the shelves like fresh cream donuts !  

Back to reality now and after a lovely lie-in this morning I'm now organising my lovely little woollie world.

Thanks again to everyone who helped, and everyone who came to meet us and gave us such amazing feedback.

See you at Olympia in the spring, with new and exciting patterns which are already in the design process. Don't forget as they come onboard we will have them for sale in our web store, connies cocktail dress will be on line by the end of November.





Written by Trudy Armstrong — October 13, 2014

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