Do you remember the fabulous shell throw I made earlier in the year





I just love this easy 2 row pattern and the Paris cotton crotchets up brilliantly and so quickly because it is Aran weight using a 5mm hook.

For ages I've been wanting to make it in Moroccan colours, and have been obsessing with different colour combinations.

It got me thinking that you might like to see different colour combos, sometimes it's hard to put things together.....

The pattern uses 7 colours with one of them being used as the border/accent colour.

Here you go


Morrocan spice



red(12), orange(13), strong yellow(14), brown(44), apricot(01), raspberry(38), rusty red(37)





white(16), light blue purple(32), off white(17), light grey(23), light ice blue(29), denim blue(30), dark grey(24)





Strong yellow(14), opal green(11), red(12), strong blue(09), shocking pink(06), medium purple(31), orange(13) 


Brighton Rock



light pink(20), medium purple(31), heather((07), white(16), light grey(23), shocking pink(06), dark old pink(60)


Pale & Interesting



light pink(20), light yellow(19), light ice blue(29), light mint green(21), apricot(01), light grey(23), white(16)


Neapolitan ( these are the colours for my throw)



off white(17), apricot(01), light ice blue(29), light mint green(29), raspberry(38), light pink(20), dark old pink(60)


The  pattern takes 25 balls of drops Paris. 3 of each colour (7 colours in total) + 4 more of your chosen accent colour for the border.

You can order these on our website and the pattern is free,  just add a note to your order asking for the pattern and we'll ship ASAP.


Written by Trudy Armstrong — November 01, 2014

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