That's exactly what I read in Glamour magazine this week, and tbh I have to agree don't I because LW is the trend setter :).

Back in Spring when Jo and I started working on our dressmaking pattern designs, we had no idea that we were at the forefront of fashion with our cocoon coat, we just loved the shape.

Anyway, I knew that the coat design was bang-on when both my girls (aged 14 & 12) said immediately how much they loved the coat and begged me to make them one.

I can sew and used to make lots of my own clothes back in the day, but I'm a bit of a 'bodger' so taking on the task of making two coats concurrently (because I can't possibly make one before the other as I will be pulled up for favouritism) was quite daunting.

Having checked the pattern mm by mm several times, I knew every piece by heart, but still felt quite nervous about the job in hand, anyway I gave myself a shake and decided to go for it !

The girls wanted to choose their own fabric, Niamh chose this gorgeous gold chanel'esque fabric and a navy paisley lining


Ailis decided on this beautiful wool which is double sided,black/grey, she wanted the black with a silver paisley lining.



Fabric chosen, the pressure was on !


I spent last Sunday cutting out and the girls did all the tailor tacking. During the week, I got to the stage where the coats are made, Jo popped by to work on our next pattern (Connies Cocktail Dress) and gave my coats the 'once over' -  I felt like I was on the Great British Sewing Bee and she was doing a Patrick on me !  Now onto sewing all the lining pieces together, the last furlong.....


You know what ? The pattern is so straight forward, and I can honestly say that now I've used it myself straight out of the packet, it just works brilliantly and I don't know why I'm feeling so surprised about this, I think it's because even a 'bodger' like me can make a beautiful winter coat.

There is nothing complicated in the pattern, even setting in the sleeves was a doddle, obviously the perfect tailor tacks made all the difference !

What do you think ??




Written by Trudy Armstrong — November 16, 2014



They are both brilliant! And what more of a recommendation can you ask for?! I remember I wouldn’t have been seen in anything my mum made at that age!

November 16 2014

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