Just having a quick coffee and then going to try and quickly get all my chores out of the way so I can snuggle up on the sofa with my 'monster blanket' and crochet the afternoon away.


Yes ! I am still on with this project, I was doing so well until believe it or not I ran out of the aubergine wool and my supplier was having supply chain issues......

I begged two thirds of a ball from my sister, but then had to abandon. 

Anyway normal life has resumed, a massive delivery of Jarol arrived this week and I am on a roll.  I could, of course, used this time to sew all the ends in, but that would have been much too sensible, I always advise people on my crochet classes to sew them in as you go along, if only I practise what I preach.

In the meantime I have been making the silver crochet jumper, which is 99.9% finished - just the ends to sew in :)








Written by Trudy Armstrong — February 22, 2015



Blanket looks amazing, and can’t wait to see the jumper x

February 23 2015

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