Hey there, good to back in the land of little woollie-ness, but not so good to be back in the greyness and rain of olde england, I am really missing the blue skies of Provence.

My family are complete 'francophiles', we have been to France most years since my Mum and Dad moved to the Loire Valley 20 odd years ago.  More recently we have spent a lot of time in the Haute Alpes in the south east corner, but this year we ventured west a tiny bit, near to Avignon (as in 'sur le pont D'Avignon') which is in the Vaucluse department of Provence. We chose this area as we were meeting up with my family for the first 2 weeks and this just worked better for everyone - and boy we are so glad that we did, I can honestly say it was the most beautiful countryside I have seen, not as dramatic as the Alps, but just stunningly beautiful and so green.


We left it quite late to book, so were relieved to find this lovely farmhouse which was just perfect for us, lots of space for everyone, different shady terraces for different parts of the day and a lovely pool. 


The other great thing was that is was right in the centre of a small village (Puymeras) with a bar (essential), restaurant and bakery - what else do you need ?? We spent lazy days round the pool and chilled family evenings drinking wine and playing games - oh and over-eating !


Puymeras was surrounded by vinyards and one Friday evening they held a wine festival.  All the local winegrowers set up stands, a bit like the knitting and stitching show but replacing fabric for wine. It was absolutely brilliant, you paid 2 euros for an empty glass and then went round tasting all their wares, needless to say I had a bit of a fuzzy head the next morning and was pleasantly surprised to be reminded that I had bought heap loads to take home.

All-in-all a brilliant two weeks, we then said goodbye to my family and us 'Bickies' went off for few days camping. TBH, we so should have done it the other way around, the transition from luxury farmhouse to camping was a bit tricky for the first day. Having said that camping in sunny weather is easy, so we soon got into the groove and I love being in our van, all four of us (and Baht) fit in it perfectly it's like having a mobile wendy house.

We didn't do that much sight seeing, but on one road trip I came across this sign & felt quite at home....made me smile

I did manage to do lots of crochet though, and even some knitting (thanks to my lovely mum I can now cable knit), I love being able to sit and crochet to my hearts content on holiday, no chores piling up in the background making me feel guilty. I took lots of projects but was determined to finish my 'Arnsbrae Blanket', this project has been under wraps as it was a surprise pressie, anyway it's 'out of the closet' now, so here's a sneak peak. Full blog and pattern coming soon.


I also started on a new project that I have been thinking about and planning for ages, La Blanket Belle, another sneak peak 


Another blanket, another snuggle I say !

Hope you manage to avoid the rain, but let's face it, perfect weather for crocheting a blanket..............



Written by Trudy Armstrong — August 26, 2015



Looks idyllic Trudi! Bit jel. Have fallen off the crochet wagon. These have inspired me as the colours are so lovely!

August 26 2015

Jackie Benjamin:

Glad you had a fab holiday Trudie, but the dire weather is not a welcome sight.
The pictures are great. Your blanket is lovely and looks like a lot of work.
Welcome back

August 26 2015

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