Originally I wasn't sure if back to back camping weekends was a good idea, but seeing as it was the bank holiday weekend and a friends birthday camp up, I couldn't resit the invite

Just a perfect excuse for campfire fun.

This was a bit of a trip down memory lane as we have been going to this campsite near Broadstairs since our kids were tiny..

And a bit of a VW fest, look how the vans have evolved over the years.


Al & Gills Type 2, Rick & Caths Type 25 and our trusty T5.

A Type 25 (like the middle one) was the first ever van we had, we bought it when I was 8 months pregnant with Niamh, so 15 years ago and we have so many happy memories from when the kids were wee. We had it for 8 years but a few breakdowns and a new engine later, it was time to upgrade.  A very sad & tearful goodbye.... but I am forever grateful when we are whizzing down to the south of France nowadays with the aircon blasting out and greenflag is a distant memory.

Talking of whizzing about, Paul decided to cycle to the campsite (only 70 miles !), so I was driving down with the girls, chatting about our camping escapades, I mentioned that it would be great if Al brought his awning commonly known as the 'Rave Tent' and Niamh said

' Mum, it's not a rave tent, it's just an awning where old people dance !'

LOL moment, but had to admit it was kind of true.........

Anyway a great weekend


A walk to the beach with the Whippets (Baht and Walley)


Tired whippets crashed out at the pub


A beer festival and a bottle of fizz


And a very miserable pack up on the bank holiday Monday, can you remember what it was like last Monday ?? It poured down, we had thunder and lightning the works.....

Not sure we will be camping again this season, two weekends in a row where we have packed up in the rain has kind of dampened my camping enthusiasm.

Happy Saturday everyone, tomorrow will be my first Sunday at home for soooo long, Something like 6 weeks, I can't wait to be lounging around at home and definitely not doing any chores.  







Written by Trudy Armstrong — September 05, 2015

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