Hey, what a lovely Autumnal Sunday morning, we were just saying in the shop yesterday how much we all love the change of seasons and these lovely autumn days make me feel like lighting the wood burner and snuggling down for the afternoon.

Had a great week at LWHQ, Sandra finished the beginners knitting course and everyone went home saying how brilliant she is at teaching, lovely to hear such great feedback - and just confirms what we already know. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have such a great team supporting Little Woollie.

Sandra's latest creation, is for me, my absolute all time favourite, a new winter coat for Baht

What a handsome boy ! 

Knitted in Drops Nepal Goldenrod yellow, doesn't it really suit his brindle colouring? I just wish he would smile for the camera.

The pattern is from the greyhound and whippet rescue, of course with no fur they need a coat on cold days.  I did read in a book (Narrow dog to Carcassone, a travel book about a couples journey in a narrow boat with a whippet)

"whippet coats are velvet on top and bald underneath" and never a truer thing has been said.

Although the other thing that someone said about whippets which is also very true is "they are duvet divers" i.e they like nothing better than snuggling into a duvet on a bed, that is where Baht spends his days, and snuggling on the sofa with me on an evening wrapped in a blanket.

Another excuse to make a new blanket, following on from the orange theme in my lounge I started a new granny square blanket, going for a very simple approach, just 4 colours, 

Also very Autumnal, which was a completely accidental. This new project kills two birds with one stone, my love of granny squares and my need to be making blankets. a long way to go, but watch this space.

I still have two other projects on the go, the Lavande blanket, which is coming on lovely, I've kind of fixed the design in my head now, and discovered a fab new stitch 'sultan stitch', really liking this a lot. I'm also really liking the one colour - many different tones theme.

I'm also working up a sampler for the Dolly Mixtures Course, which includes a pared down version of the sultan stitch.


Still not started sewing the ends in - woe is me !

Hope you are having a great weekend, back to work now, crocheting all afternoon....


Written by Trudy Armstrong — October 18, 2015



Absolutely love this dog coat! It looks lovely and the colour is perfect for brindles :)

Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

January 14 2016

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