Sandra and I started talking about the Christmas window a wee while ago, bounced a few ideas about and decided on a winter scene with a snowman pulling a sleigh.

Allocating the tasks was easy, Sandra picked up the baton with the snowman and I said I would crochet a sleigh (really !)

We all know that Sandra can pretty much knit anything (now there's a challenge) but, BOY what a fantastic job she did knitting Mr Snowman, let's give him the respect he deserves, we have to use his proper title.

He is just practically perfect in every way.

Mr Snowman finished, sleigh not even started, ooh the pressure is mounting, how to create a crocheted sleigh ? Who should I call for help ? No contest really, Mr Fixer himself, my dad.  

Magic Maurice as my kids called him when they were small, can fix anything, build anything, get anything working. When we were kids he made us the most brilliant fancy dress costumes, from knights in shining armour to Bill & Ben. Anyway, a sleigh was requested and a sleigh was made (thanks dad x) , even comes on its own ski's.


Amazing shape, but how to crochet over it ? Well like all crochet it starts with a chain, so I just made a massive chain and worked with the sleigh in front of me, I'd like to say I planned it meticulously, but honestly, I just made it up as I went along.

It didn't take that long, but I couldn't do it in the shop, so there were some late nights crocheting at home. Once I'd finished, phew it was seriously like a weight off my mind.  So much was the pressure to make a Porche of a sleigh for Mr Snowman, I knew an Austin Metro just wouldn't do.

With the help of some fancy tinsel and my new bff a staple gun, I was quietly chuffed with the end result.


 (check out Bahts abandoned toy under the table, why can't dogs pick up after themselves?)

Job done and a big smile on Mr Snowmans face.





Written by Trudy Armstrong — December 02, 2015


Penny Rees:

He is just so cute! Magnificent sleigh too. Happy Christmas!

December 02 2015

Dilly Allen:

The window looks fantastic – the snowman looks so happy. What a talented pair you are!!
Happy Christmas – and I can’t wait to see the table mat.

December 13 2015

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