That's how we say 'hi' in Yorkshire speak. It kind of means, hello, how are you doing, not seen you for a while and have you got time for a brew. All neatly wrapped up in 4 letters.

I haven't blogged for ages, tbh I have been really wrapped up in my own little world with my eldest sitting her GCSE's.  So many exams, so much nagging for me to do.....

Thanks to the universe for giving me crochet to chill me out when the stress has become too much. It's not even me taking the exams !

As per, I have a blanket on the go, a really spicy mix of colours in a mix of the DK yarns we stock, they are all working together brilliantly.

The blanket is made of 2 large granny squares crocheted together to make a rectangle and then I've worked a wide border around this. I've not quite worked out what edging to make yet, This bit usually comes to me in a flash of inspiration while I'm working on the border, I'll keep you posted and show you the finished article.

I've also started to make a crochet top in the gorgeous Katia Jaipur

Here's a close up of the stitch, very easy scallop stitch, and I'm following the basic shape that Sandra made for the knitted version. I will write up the pattern, so you can all have one for your summer hols.

Don't you just love the orange and pink together ? I'm using a 4mm hook with the lace weight, so it's working up really quickly, just need more hours in the day.

Still managing to make a few dishcloths on the side, I can't wax lyrical enough about how amazing these dishcloths are, the Paris cotton just makes totally brilliant dishcloths. 

How can I get so excited about a dishcloth ? Make one and join me in the fab club.

Here's a quick pattern, 5mm hook, ch33, skip 1st ch and place 1 dc in each stitch  (32 sts).

Then make 2 rows htr, 1 row tr, until you have a nice square.

Change colour when you feel like it, as random as you like.

To make a nice border, join yarn on any side, place 1 dc in each st around, in the corners (1dc, 2ch, 1dc) and then 2 border rounds of htrs. 

ta da !

send me some pic when you have made one, would love to see what colour combos you come up with.

have a great week everyone, hope the weather picks up.


Written by Trudy Armstrong — June 16, 2016

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